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Rand S. Spiwak, Ed.D.



University of Florida, Ed.D.
Stetson University, M.B.A.
Stetson University, B.B.A.

Phi Delta Kappa, Beta Chapter: National Honor and Professional Association
Pi Lambda Theta, Alpha Phi Chapter:National Honor and Professional Society
Florida Teacher’s Certificate: College Level
Certified Teaching Professor - State of Illinois
Have served both Active and Inactive Duty in the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, Rank: Major

Company: eTextConsult, LLC
Position: CEO
Primary Responsibilities: To assist colleges and universities in the explanation, evaluation, organization and implementation of etext, ematerials, technologies.

Institution: Daytona State College
Position: Executive Vice President and CFO, and Interim President (retired)
Supervisor: President
Primary Responsibilities:
Primary senior responsibility for the following functional areas:
Campus Provosts, Advanced Technology College, Chief Financial Officer, Information Technology, WDSC – Daytona State College PBS, Channel 15, Office of Risk Assessment
Major Achievements:
.Reorganization the Information Technologies Department (MIS)
.Incorporated “Tech Refresh” in the college’s technology plan
.College-wide joint preparation and planning for the 2003 regional accreditation process
.Redesign the Community College Cost Analysis Reporting System
.Implementation of a video/voice over IP interactive distance learning system
to expand the college’s interactive television system
.Instrumental in the planning and implementation of a fully accredited Bachelors of Applied Science degree program and seven Bachelors of Science degree programs in varied fields of education
.Re-design and implement self-insured health care for the College’s nine hundred employees and their dependents
.Chaired a college-wide E-Text (electronic text book) Project that is
designed to replace all print text books and enhance the teaching/learning activities full information rich, interactive, fully integrated electronic text book, all at a cost of 25-30% of printed text books
Institution: Pensacola Junior College
Position: Vice President for Business Affairs
Supervisor: President
Description of Work:
Business Affairs comprised of the following departments: Office of the Vice President; Comptroller - General Accounting, Investments, Cash Management, Payroll, Payables and Reporting; Budget Office - Budgeting, Restricted and Grant Accounting, Property Accounting and Internal Auditing; Purchasing and Auxiliary Services - Purchasing, Central Receiving, Central Stores, Records management, Mail/Delivery, Food Services, Vending and Bookstore Operations; Management Information Systems - Administrative Data Processing and Communications; Microcomputer Resources - Hardware/Software Support, Wide-Area Network Management, Internet and Intranet Web Site Management; Bursar - Cashiering, Student Receivable and Collections; and Legal Services - Contract Administration and Legal Affairs
Major Achievements:
.Privatization of copying, bookstore, food services, vending, security (partial), temporary employees, custodial (partial) and grounds
.Designed and implemented an Executive Deferred Compensation Plan
.Have negotiated major tax exempt bond financing and lease/purchase financing projects
.Created a five college administrative computer consortium (software development and other services) and secured in excess of $2,000,000 in state funding for the project
.Constructed and subsequently privatized a child care center on campus at no cost to the taxpayer
.Implemented a Social Security Alternative Plan with part-time faculty resulting in a $300,000 annual savings which was subsequently used to raise part-time salary rates
.Designed and implemented a SmartCard I.D. system
.Orchestrated major land acquisition projects doubling the college property holdings (future expansion needs)
.Implemented a wide-area network, with associated cabling and fiber optic backbone
.Implemented an advanced telecommunications system that is linked to the wide area network and mainframe system
.Designed and implemented a state-wide “Technology Refresh Program” that facilitates the acquisition, maintenance, financing and trade-in of P. C.’s and other P. C. related peripherals. This program has been adopted by most of Florida’s community colleges and has the potential of saving the colleges over $33 million over the first three years of operation
Institution: Florida Community College at Jacksonville
Position: Director of Accounting
Supervisor: Associate Vice President of Finance
Description of Work:
.Supervised and administered the Accounting and Finance Department of this 18,000 FTE community college to include these functions: General Accounting, Financial Reporting, Cash Management and Investments, Data Control, Accounts Receivable, Cashiering, Property Accounting, Record Retention and Micrographics, Collections, Financial Aid Disbursements, Revenue Accounting, Construction Accounting and Budgeting
.Had direct involvement with personnel, facilities, data processing, financial aid, registration and records, purchasing, auxiliary operations, central stores, internal auditing, and plant and grounds operations as they relate to the fiscal aspects of the college
.Participated in the compensation process, financial aid advisory committee, Council of Business Affairs and Major Issues Task Force
.Received a well-rounded participatory exposure to all fiscal and instructional facets of the college
.Involved with the Division of Community Colleges and appropriate legislative bodies to remain informed and provide input into policies and issues, which would impact the college
Major Achievements:
.Major revisions to financial accounting automated systems
.Designed and implemented an automated multiple disbursement systems for
student financial aid; designed and implemented an on-line property accounting/management system
.Committee member and contributor to the revised State Accounting Manual; reorganized the loan collections operations and reduced the loan default rate from 54.3% to 15.8% in 18 months
.Introduced and implemented the use of micrographics and microcomputers to the Finance Department
.Encouraged and supported the continuing of formal education for the majority of office staff
Institution: University of Charleston
Position: Financial Consultant
Supervisor: Vice President for AdministrationDescription of Work:
Engaged to consolidate and automate the financial operations of this four-year private university
Institution: Daytona Beach Community College
Position: Comptroller
Supervisor: Vice President for Administrative and Business Affairs
Description of Work:
Responsible for the management and operation of all fiscal functions of this 8,000 FTE community college. The duties were very similar to FCCJ
Major Achievements:
Total automation of the accounting system to an on-line/real-time system
.Computerization of the Cost Analysis, Operating Budget and Annual Financial Reports
.Implementation of contract banking and consolidated investment/cash management systems; automation of financial aid disbursement
.Reorganizing/re-staffing of Finance Office
Institution: Stetson University
Position: Assistant Comptroller
Supervisor: Comptroller
Description of Work:
.Developed and implemented the first property accounting system used by the University .Included systems concept, management of inventory teams, forms design, and systems conversion
.Developed an Internal Auditing Office, handled gift accounting and communications systems redesign

Visiting Assistant Professor, Southern Illinois University, College of Technical Careers: accounting
Visiting Professor, Jacksonville University, Executive MBA Program, :graduate level accounting and finance
Pensacola Junior College and Daytona State Community College, Accounting adjunct instructor and guest lecturer:undergraduate accounting courses)
Daytona State College, Accounting adjunct instructor and guest lecturer: undergraduate accounting courses
SACS Reaffirmation Committee Member, 20 visiting teams, (Level 1, Substantive Change and Special Committee visitation teams), also, testify as an expert financial witness for SACS in accreditation appeals.
SACS Reports and Criteria Committee member




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