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Campus Technology 08/26/15 "eText and the Future of the College Bookstore" Rand Spiwak
Campus Technology 07/17/13 "Overcoming the Barriers to eText Adoption--Higher Education's Initiatives to Tame the Digital Content Tiger" Rand Spiwak
Campus Technology 05/15/13 "The Rise of eText: a Q & A with Rand Spiwak" Mary Grush
Campus Technology 06/22/11 "eText: Is It Ready? Are We Ready?" Rand Spiwak
edtech digest
11/22/10 “From Paper to Paperless ” Julie Smith
mlearning in higher education
10/26/10 “Switch to etexts, save money? ” J. M. Ramey
10/26/10 “Some colleges may force changeover to digital textbooks” Chris Meadows
10/25/10 “Florida college looks to become e-Book pioneer ” Dennis Carter
The Chronicle of Higher Education
10/24/10 “To Save Students Money, Colleges May Force a Switch to E-Textbooks ” Jeffrey R. Young
MONASH University
Accounting & Finance eLearning
9/6/10 “Only e-texts”  
INSIDE Higher Ed
9/3/10 “The All E-Book Diet” Steve Kolowich
National Association of College Stores – (NACS)
7/23/10 “School’s E-Book Planning Omits Bookstore - Campus Marketplace” Dan Pender

7/23/10 “Technology Explodes on Campus” Carl Weinschenk
Campus Technology

7/19/10 “Are We Ready for Tomorrow’s Students?
panelist: Rand Spiwak CDW-G Executive Summit

7/13/10 “Paperless Plans at Daytona State College” Elizabeth Hains
Educause Quarterly 2000 The Technology Refresh Program: Affording State-of-the-Art Personal Computing Rand Spiwak
Daytona State College| Rand Spiwak: eText Committee Chair from 6/09-12/10



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